Killing “Synergies” and his corporate friends

Kyllan showed up earlier than I hoped. I sent him and Konan to the tailor to have some clothes made for Konan. I can’t stand her being naked around the house anymore.

They walk in to find strangers tied up on the floor. I hoped to have finished with my hostages by the time they came back.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“Meet Core Competency, Empower, Move The Needle, Open The Kimono, Bleeding Edge, Core Values, Scalable, Best Practice, Think Outside The Box, Ducks In A Row, Ecosystem, Solution, Leverage, Full Service, Drill Down, It Is What It Is, Robust, Take Offline, Learnings, Reach Out, Hard Stop, Punt, Impact, Give 110%, Take It To The Next Level, Cut And Dry, Window Of Opportunity, Low Hanging Fruit and Peal The Onion. I invited them for lunch, drugged them and tied them up.”

“Why?” Konan asks.

“They keep showing up to my meetings in very colourful clothes, distracting my colleagues and derailing the conversation. I need to save my colleagues from them. Help me carry them to the backyard and tie them to the poles I set up. I will shoot them all directly in the head. They die today. Also, a fat small-headed twat known as Synergies escaped, go find him. I don’t think he got far. He’s the one I want to kill the most.”