Sigh! It’s just my period!

I absolutely hate Kyllan and Konan right now. I want to poke that little tit Konan and drain her of all her milk. I would puncture her with the sharpest needle let her drain slowly without knowing the source of the leakage. That’s horrible. I’ll just take her to a bouncing castle with rowdy children. Who would not enjoy watching a bouncing tit.

I kind of hate my neighbor. She hasn’t done anything to me. I just woke up hating her. I would love to see a fight between her and Konan. Konan would probably squeeze her to death. Let’s not do that. I am ashamed of this hate feeling that I am feeling towards her.

I want noodles so bad but don’t want to go out shopping. I need a break from the world especially after the weekend I just had. I was even sweet to people that I should not be sweet to because I got too drunk. I also apparently entertained my friend’s dad’s friends who had attended a party to celebrate his professorship. Who knew I could be fun around people 30 years older than me. I am proud of myself for making new friends. I rarely make friends. I am a little handicapped when it comes to the socialising domain.

I also can’t get out of the house because I don’t want my neighbor to know that I am around. She might want to talk about the fact that I kissed her on Friday night, a few moments before she went to have sex with her boyfriend.

I want coffee, a lot of coffee. Why do I feel depressed and want to cry? I currently do not like my family members at all.

My feelings are all over today and my head is not thinking straight. I got to go shit and stop thinking about all the ways Kyllan could kill me.

Sigh!! It’s just my period. I am totally fine. I do not need a therapist.

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