Abel is alive and Cain is shrewd!!

Kyllan and I bought two parrots. The older parrot, Cain, became a farmer. The younger parrot, Abel, was a shepherd. I made this miniature farm for them in their cage. Each parrot brought a sacrifice to me, their supreme leader. Cain brought some of his harvests, and Abel brought the best of his flock. I saw the heart behind each offering, and I loved Abel’s sacrifice like the carnivore that I am.

Cain was angry because he was mine and yet I like Abel’s sacrifice. Abel was Kyllan’s. He didn’t want me to tell him what to give as a sacrifice. Cain wanted to decide for himself like the independent open-minded parrot that he was. Cain was jealous of Abel, and he was mad at me. I warned Cain that his selfish anger was dangerous.

But, Cain didn’t listen to me. He was still angry. So, the next hour, when he was in the cage with Abel, Cain let his anger rule, and he killed his Abel, or so I thought. Immediately, Cain wanted to hide his sin. When I asked Cain where Abel was, Cain pretended not to know but I already knew that Cain killed Abel. Sin can’t be hidden from me because I know all things.

When I saw Cain’s sin, I was sad because I knew sin’s cost.. Cain’s sin had to be punished so I sent Cain away from my presence. Cain was sad to flay away leave me. Cain’s sin led to being sent away from enjoying fellowship with me. How sad.

Moments later, Kyllan shows up with Abel and a letter from Cain. Turns out, Cain just wanted to live a life without a tyrant master who wants to be worshipped all the time. Kyllan and Abel helped Cain execute his plan after Kyllan found my plan to murder all baby parrots so they don’t grow in numbers and take over the world. I live with traitors.

Who the fuck was that parrot that Cain killed???

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