Getting Konan back

After poking herself with needles, Konan is still alive. Thank goodness. I would not have liked it if she died. She is not happy that I took away Kyllan’s attention from her. I also can’t believe that my plan worked. However, I need her back on my side. It’s been so long since I had sex and for some reason playing with that giant tit gives me satisfaction tantamount to orgasms.

My genius plan:

1. Get Konan out of the basement where she is probably killing herself with heroin.

2. Have Kyllan set up a romantic dinner setting for just me and Konan.

3. Have Konan use my shower to freshen up and be presentable. She looks a little too scary for a tit.

4. Kidnap some lactating women and get milk from them (only if they refuse to sell it – diplomacy first).

5. Order Chinese for myself.

6. At exactly 1800 hrs, the table will be set and dinner will commence.

7. I will promise Konan a lifetime of human milk as long as I can get pleasure from her milk filled tit.

8. Hopefully, she will agree to prostitute herself for me.

9. Hopefully, we can fall in love so this whole situation does not look like prostitution.

10. Reprogram Kyllan and deal with that bug that makes him get rid of the people I love.

27 thoughts on “Getting Konan back

  1. What?!
    What have I stumbled across here?
    Who are you and why are you saying these things?
    Is there a place where I can start so that I can get some context? πŸ˜€


    1. I am Chebet. I live with a humanoid robot called Kyllan. I also live an alien called Konan. Konan is from a planet where it’s inhabitants look like human boobs except a lot bigger. That’s why I refer to her as tit. I write about my adventures with both Konan and Kyllan.

      Unfortunately, all these things happen in the confines of my head.

      I am happy to answer any more questions in case this is not comprehensive enough.


      1. What you’ve told me is very helpful. πŸ™‚ Of course, there are lots more questions, but I don’t want to distract you from your writing.
        Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚
        Robert (in York/UK).

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      2. Thank you, Robert. 😁😁
        I would be happy to answer any more questions. The answering does help with my writing.

        I appreciate you taking the time to read my weird stories.

        Cheers πŸ₯‚πŸ»


      3. Okay, you asked for it. πŸ™‚

        Where are you (really) from?
        What inspired you to write these stories?
        How do you like to start your day?
        Where do you do your best writing?
        Favourite food ever?
        Most inspiring (real and fictional) people in (it not) your life?
        What would you like to do, ideally, with your stories?
        Favourite author?

        That’s it for now. πŸ˜‰
        Have a great day.


      4. Where are you (really) from?

        I am a Kenyan. I currently live in Nairobi but I come from a town called Kakamega in the Western part of the country.

        What inspired you to write these stories?

        I used to find my life quite boring. So I started having all thoughts on how my life could be interesting. When I mentioned some of my thoughts to my friends they would say it’s weird or stupid or unacceptable (because of society and shit like that), so, I resorted to writing them down.

        How do you like to start your day?

        This constantly varies. Currently, the first thing I do as soon as I wake up is to switch on my laptop and work on my project. I studied Computer Science and I working on this machine learning thing which takes up most of my time. I’d normally go to bed thinking about my project and the next step. That’s why my laptop is the first thing I would touch.

        On any other day, I would spend at least 30 minutes staring into space and evaluating aspects of both my real and fictional world. After I am satisfied with my evaluation, I would take a shower and prepare for the day.

        Where do you do your best writing?

        I find that I am able to write anywhere except in a moving vehicle or in a noisy place. Some of my favourite stories happened when I was alone somewhere having random thoughts. For some reason, I find it hard to write when I am feeling cold.

        Favourite food ever?

        They change quite often. The one that has stuck is chicken. There’s this specific type of chicken in my country called “kienyeji” (I am not sure what the English word is). I would have that chicken any day, any time.

        Most inspiring (real and fictional) people in (it not) your life?

        This one is a long list. I will mention some.
        Elon Musk (he is a nutcase but gives a whole new meaning to innovation). His first principles approach to solving problems is helped me a lot.
        A couple of Anime Characters (Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, Levi Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin, Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass)
        Doctor Who made me love my weirdness.

        What would you like to do, ideally, with your stories?

        It’s hard to answer this one because I formulate things on the fly. My obsession with Artificial Intelligence is what led me to the humanoid robot Kyllan. My relationship with Kyllan is what I would want from a robot in the case where humanity achieved Artificial General Intelligence. As for Konan, I would love an alien friend if we became an interplanetary species and aliens existed and I was wealthy enough to transport one to earth. (I am not sure that I have actually answered this question.)

        Favourite author?
        George Orwell for his story plots, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens for the language, Ken Walibora (A brilliant Swahili Author). I am currently sampling Ayn Rand. I loved Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. I had a moment where I was obsessed with Richard Ayoade.


      5. That – all if it – needs to be up on your blog’s About ( page (and as much as you can fit on the back of the books you will publish). Readers love that sort of close detail so that they get to know a person and trust them as an author of integrity.
        If it wasn’t for the vivid thang, we (wife and me) would have visited Nairobi this year. It would have been the first time I had crossed the equator and the first time in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ideas looking forward to that trip! Damn shame.
        Your machine learning project sounds fascinating to me. I did a computing (with psychological studies) degree a few years back and the final project was writing the code for a chat-bot. Not quite the same level as you’re working at, but interesting anyway. There were too many limitations to what a machine could do to learn how to speak intelligibly back then, but probably things have moved on since then judging by what Elon Musk (big fan) is doing with his cars and that neuro-chip he keeps taking about. I wrote a science-fiction novel last year about a woman with nano-bots in her brain that evolved to sentience and started to talk to her (she was lost on space en-route (it not) to Mars at the time) and some of the research I did for that tells me that we’re nearly at that stage already so that it will step outside of fiction and become fact. Maybe your project will be the one that does that. Hope so. In fact, the only place we wouldn’t get on is about your chicken thang. I’m vegan, so we might have to look the other way when we meet and break bread together. πŸ˜‰


      6. I will be updating my ABOUT page as soon as I am done replying to this. I love science-fiction to an embarrasing level. I should have mentioned that Philip K Dick is another of my favorite authors, I also loved Altered Carbon by Ricahrd Morgan. I would love to read your novel. How can I get access to it? Speaking of being vegan, within a period of 18 months I have stopped eating all types of meat except chicken. This is mainly because I have been working for a very environmentally cautious organization. I have become very aware of the effects consuming meat has on the environment. Soon enough, I will be off the chicken.


      7. I have a whole slew of Philip K Dick novels in the attic that I’m saving for a rainy day and on the strength of the Androids Dreaming of Electric Sheep movies I’m really looking forward to that day. I’m reading through George RR Martin right now (not the Game of Thrones series until he’s finished it – duh!) so I’m about six novels (or story collections) in and some of them are excellent (the sci-fi ones) and some of blah (the horror ones) and some are urgh (the semi-autobiographical murder mystery one mostly). So yeah, I’m indecently into sci-fi too. Oh, and according to Goodreads, where I keep track of my books, I have all three of the Takeshi Kovacs books in the attic (or maybe in a drawer at work (where I can’t get at then because the office is locked down)) too (Altered Carbon is the first one) so I have (in your recommendation) them to look forward to.
        My novel? As soon as I publish it I’ll let you know. It’s waiting for me to get around to it. Shame, because it’s a great read and it’s very much about thenthings people obsess ďir worry about) for the near future: flights to Mars, sentient robots, Chinese/US rivalry, the singularity, mind reading, cure for dyslexia (and other brain/genetic disorders) and all of that kind of stuff. It all kinda totally puts our efforts to become vegan and save the planet into context, right?
        So, yeah – back to work now for me. Laters. πŸ™‚


      8. I hope we can swap libraries one day in this lifetime. I have a feeling I would love your collection.

        I look forward to reading your book.

        Thank you for making my week.

        Cheers, Robert.

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      9. Hey, Chebet – thought I’d lost you. How’s work going – did everything go okay?
        Yeah, it’d be great to swap some books sometime in the unknown country (the future).
        It’s been great chatting to you – hope we can continue. I’d love to know more about the modus operendai of your machine learning thing.
        Take care until we talk again.


      10. Hey Robert,

        I am here. My day is okay. I am working from bed because I have a bloody headache that I hope will disappear on its own. How are you? How’s your day?

        I am working on a recommender system. We’ve (I have a project partner) been experimenting with different types – model-based system, content-based system (we didn’t give this one much attention) and association rules. We settled on association rules for the minimum viable product. We have a database of experts and organisations that are involved with marine litter issues. Most of them have experts in different aspects of marine litter such as academia or citizen science. They also have interests such as funding or consultancy. The aim of my project is to create a platform that can connect such stakeholders all over that world and provide recommendations of other stakeholders that they may likely benefit from working together.

        Looking forward to the book swapping.

        I enjoy and love our conversations.


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      11. Sounds like an interesting project that has the potential to do a lot of good. To understand the terms you use I had to use Google. I found this page that was helpful to me:
        Obviously you wouldn’t need that basic info. πŸ™‚ The job I do is more about manipulating data and then building interfaces for it so that people can consume it. Kinda boring really. I’m going to be a world-famous author (when I grow up) so this job is just a stop-gap thing. Pays the bills, y’kno?
        My day? Hectic. Day off and wife wants this that and the other doing. On that note, here she comes. πŸ™‚
        Later, Chebet.

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      12. Sorry about the terms. I guess I should be happy that someone learnt something because of That link you checked is a lot better at explaining things than I am. I will be making use of it. I admire data manipulation, I have never been too good at it. The ability to tell a data story (that would have never been discovered were it not for people like you) from preexisting information is like a superpower to me.
        I pledge to be one of your biggest fans and cheerleader.
        I would love to keep working on AI-related projects and use that information to come up with some absurd stories.
        Hope you get some rest after your hectic day.
        Later Robert.


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      13. You see, that’s what I love about life – the ability to bring something new and unique from things that, at first glance, have nothing to do with each other, like data and stories, machine-learning algorithms and stories, blogs and stories. Pretty much anything has a story to tell. The hard sciences blend into the soft arts and we all get a little more human from seeing and using these connections. Damn, that was so deep and poetic I think I’m going to put it one my blog. Cool with you?

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      14. Absolutely. Put it everywhere if you like 😊 It wouldn’t be nice if we kept this knowledge to ourselves.

        I have had a mentally exhausting week and I am so glad that it is the weekend.

        Speaking of stories, everytime I do research on my imaginary robot Kyllan, I always end up in some AI rabbit hole. There is a lot of my knowledge I owe to that imaginary robot.

        I have seen a notification that you have linked to my post. Thank you. I appreciate it. This rarely happens so I am doing backflips in my head right now.

        I do hope you have been well.

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      15. I am shit at replying but every once in a while I will randomly pop by and leave some weird paragraph here while also checking on you. Cool?

        How are you? How’s your writing?

        I have been fine. Been a nice week full of too many daydreams and meditation. Meditation especially because I needed to just calm down after someone made me really angry. It was still a nice week though. On the daydreams, Kyllan and I were travelling galaxies and found some aliens and even visited Konan’s (the tit that lives with Kyllan and me) world. My problems do disappear when I think about these things. I may be paying unhealthy attention to my imaginary world.


      16. Yes, it’s cool that you randomly pop up. I should randomly pop up on your blog more often too. I do so want to read your offerings. If they are teaching you so much then I feel that your techniques are something I should learn too.

        My writing is as full of random happenings as the universe is full of black holes, and both my writings and the holes are as mysterious as each other. It’s like I’m digging a tunnel through to my subconscious. I wonder if I could reach my subconscious via a black hole too. πŸ™‚

        I’d like to think that’s my problems are probably similar to your problems but I think that would be presumptuous of me. I think too much.

        My latest post features two imaginary versions of me talking about you. A general you. More of a youse than a you.

        I’ll stop now. Write soon(ish).


      17. Happy New Year Robert!

        I hope the holiday was lovely and kind to you. Mine was drama filled. I am happy it’s over. Got too drunk and now I am overly hydrating with the hope of getting rid of the toxins coursing through my body. I have never been happier to get busy and be back to work and be sober.

        How have you been? How’s your book coming along? I cannot wait to read it.

        I have been enjoying your blog. Thanks for existing!

        Cheers to more writing and reading πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚


      18. Just realized I haven’t really answered that first question.
        Work’s okay. The meeting I left for dragged on a little too much and left me with a deadline that kept me up for a few more hours than I would like.

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