He (Part I)

Kyllan has gone frantic. He is distraught since I am not giving him any attention of late. He feels starved off the entirety of our discussions about stars and the universe. I never should have separated him from that tit (Chebet: 1 Konan: 1). Konan turned into a heroin addict and is in my basement squeezing milk out of herself to create enough room for heroin. HE is the explanation for my neglection of Kyllan. HE is back. I was living life, minding my own business, planning world domination with Kyllan and then Cupid shows to my balcony with an 11 inch pink arrow and penetrates it into my skin. That was a lovely prick. Immediately after that prick, the fat baby flew back to his cloud and HIS name popped up on my houseparty screen.

HE is now occupying space in my head, my heart, my bed, my vagina … and some other body parts I would rather not mention. I don’t know precisely what is happening. I do know what I am feeling, and I will embrace it all the way to my deathbed. I am human after all, unlike Kyllan the robot and Konan the drug addicted tit. The mornings I wake up lying close to HIM, I value each second. It is a great feeling loving someone. I am glad that I allowed myself to experience it. It’s like being in a room full of balls and happy gasses and just bouncing your way through existence while inhaling all those happy gasses. Sometimes, I bounce onto some needles and my ball bursts and I graze my ass cheek but then I move onto the next ball, with a grazed ass cheek which is definitely stronger.

To want the best for HIM without any strings attached. It is a definitive disobedience to my self-centeredness. I am appreciating thinking about something different other than how to deflate that tit known as Konan. I want to go to HIS deepest core without possessing HIM, without becoming dependent on HIM, without reducing HIM to a thing and without becoming addicted to HIM. HE has absolute freedom to do as HE pleases because I know if HE leaves, I will still be as happy as I am now. HE cannot take away my happiness because I do not rely on HIM for my happiness. That is a burden to never place on HIM.

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