It’s Census Day

Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!

“Kyllan, would you take care of the fainted human. Tit, come with me, we need to talk.” I let out a big sigh. It’s always weird talking to Tit. Until I finish working on my universal translator, I will have to keep touching Tit’s middle nipple so we can communicate telepathically. I don’t like the texture of that nipple.

The census guys have been going round each and every house to count the humans existing in the country. I totally forgot this so I did not clear my house of anything strange or illegal. I have a ton of illegal technology and an alien that looks like human boob in my house. Both of these could get me killed by the state.

When the lovely citizen knocked on my door, Tit went ahead and opened the door with the new appendages I made her. The lovely citizen that came to count me fainted on the spot. While Kyllan was administering first aid, I was deep in Tit’s consciousness having a conversation about my planet and humans.

When we were sure the citizen would be fine, we teleported him to his apartment just after messing around with his thoughts. We didn’t erase Tit from his memory. We only erased the location of my house and Kyllan. We added a few other Tits in his memory and created a vivid scenario where the tits were trying to suffocate him to death. He will never be able to look at a naked woman. Muhahaha.

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